A lead paint inspection is designed to answer two questions: "Is there lead-based paint present in the housing unit?" and "Where is the lead-based paint?" 

A lead-based paint inspection is a comprehensive analysis of the lead content of every painted surface inside and outside of the home. The XRF lead paint analyzer is used to measure the lead content of all painted surfaces and then classifies the results as either positive or negative for lead-based paint. The painted surfaces are also classified as to the condition of the paint.

A lead paint inspection is most appropriate for individuals who need to know where lead based paint is located, such as in the following situations:

  • People considering renovation, remodeling or demolition work that would disturb painted surfaces and may generate lead dust hazards unless proper precautions are followed.

  • Home sellers desiring specific information about lead for marketing purposes.

  • Homebuyers or renters who want to know how much lead paint is present and its location (or who feel strongly that they want a home that contains no lead-based paint).

  • Rental property owners seeking exemption from the federal lead disclosure requirements by demonstrating that a specific property does not contain lead­ based paint




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Lead Testing